Privacy Policy

Last modified: October 2nd, 2017

SimDesign LLC (“SimDesign”, “we”, “us”) is a pioneering company in Virtual Reality technology based application development, creating high-quality solutions that enable clients to promote and develop their projects efficiently and end users to have access and enjoy beautifully engaging new experiences.

To provide those experiences, they are currently available through selected stores. Collectively, the experiences, products, websites, initiatives (such as VRducation), content and apps (mobile or desktop) are described as our “Services”. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and share information related to the different kind of interactions related to our Services.

If you have any question about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at Otherwise, by visiting, acquiring or using our Services to any extent, you consent to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

In accordance with our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy and will provide notice of such changes through the same methods and channels specified in our Terms of Use.

1. What do we collect?

Please note that third parties may also collect information about you through the Services (please refer to the Privacy Policy of such third parties in those cases). Third parties may also share that information partially or completely with us if it is publicly or commercially available.

We mainly collect information either provided by you (directly or indirectly) or publicly and commercially available, such as:

  • Information about your preferences and use of the Services like content, apps or other kind of experiences you interact with either through cookies, storage, pixels or other similar technologies and sources.
  • Information about your interaction with the Services like focal points (that is, where you’re looking at), physical and issued movements (through controllers, gamepads, motion controllers or any other kind of peripheral) and environmental interaction (that is, your actions in certain experiences or your interaction with the different Menus that might or might not be present).
  • Information about your physical dimensions while using a Virtual Reality headset.
  • Information about your hardware and the device you’re using to access and make use of the Services, such as Operating System, Browser, Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, device identifiers (which may or may not be unique to your device) and the actual type of device you’re using (PC, mobile or headset) alongside with its specifications (CPU, RAM, chipset, performance, temperature, volume, gyroscope or accelerometer).
  • Location information derived from your device’s IP Address or, if you’re using a mobile device, we may collect information about that device’s precise location derived from sources like GPS, nearby WiFi networks and, finally, cell towers.
  • Recorded voice clips only when interacting and in relevance to the experience provided by the Services (for example, answering questions or giving voice commands).

Also, we may combine the information we collect or receive about you with information previously available to complete it, transform it or process it.

2. How do we use it?

Our main goal is to process and use the information we collect to improve the Services and help us provide a better overall experience to you and our partners, whoever they may be.

The data you provide is analyzed, processed and repurposed mainly for decision making. This allows us to improve the Services in many ways including, for example:

  • Improve the overall experiences provided as part of our Services, addressing technical issues as well.
  • Update and improve the interaction between you and our Services by learning how different people use them.
  • Identify new opportunities to enhance and extend the scope of our Services.
  • Assess the relevance of different aspects of the virtual environments we design and develop to keep them relevant, intuitive and engaging according to our interpretation of the processed analytic data.
  • Keep a fluid communication with the community, including notifications, feedback management and technical support.
  • Suggest new experiences, content or additions to our Services or those of our partners, working our best on doing so only when relevant.

SimDesign is always aware and working proactively to promote both safety and security when using the Services. To this end, the information we collect, analyze and process is also a very important input to balance virtual environments and to give the proper advice to properly use the Services. Also, it is used to investigate suspicious activity and/or violations of our terms or policies and to protect our or others’ rights and properties.

3. Who can see it?

The information we collect, once processed, is de-identified and can’t be traced back to you (meaning that its value is merely statistical and analytical, having removed any kind of contact or relation to you). This aggregated data might also be shared with others for any purpose as we see fit. To provide the Services, though, the information we have about you might be shared or visible in certain circumstances.

Public information: Some information you provide or post in any public area of the services (reviews, comments, forum posts or other community tools) will be visible to people on and off our Services. Additional data, such as date and time of a post, might be made publicly available as well. In case one of the instances of the Service requires the creation of an account, certain account related data (like nickname, ID or similar) will be public as well.

Third Parties: You will have access, in some cases, to third party content through our Services. In such cases, those third parties might be able to access information about you including: Services account public data, your interaction with this third-party content and any other information you opt to share. Other companies may collect information on or through our Services to market to you on or off our Services. These and other third parties may collect information about your use of our Services, even over time and combine it with information collected on different websites and online services. Any kind of shared information will be subject to each respective third party’s own Privacy Policies.

Sharing and transferring information: We may share the collected information with vendors, service providers, researchers and other partners who work to support the Services, under our guidance and scrutiny. If SimDesign, at some point, is either acquired, merged or files for bankruptcy, the information we collected about you might be transferred to another company.

Consent: We may share information about you for any other purpose for which you give us your consent.

If you want your information deleted from our servers, you can contact us at and we’ll delete it. Please note that once processed, the information serves to generate analytic data that can’t be linked to any individual, therefore those records will not be affected in any way. Content deleted from the Services may remain in backup copies and logs for a certain period.

4. Legal requests

We may access, preserve and share information in response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order or soubpena) if we believe the law requires us to do so in good faith. This may include, however, responding to legal requests from jurisdictions outside Uruguay where we have a good faith belief that the response is required by the law in that jurisdiction and the scope of such request affects individuals in that jurisdiction, in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

We may also access, preserve and share information that we believe, all in good faith, is required to:

  • Detect, prevent and address any kind of illegal activity.
  • During investigations or cases, to protect SimDesign, our Services, you and others.
  • To prevent any kind of serious, harming or life-threatening situations.

Finally, we reserve the right to retain any kind of collected information related to disabled accounts related to incidents including violations to our terms of service for a period of time spanning from one to three years to prevent a repeated abuse of our terms and policies.

5. Final considerations

Though the information we collect is under the realm of Public Domain, we strive to maintain the information we collect under continuous scrutiny and in secured environments anyway. Still, as no transmission or storage is 100% secure, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information disclosed or transmitted to the Services and cannot be held responsible for the theft, destruction or inadvertent or unwilling disclosure of information.

SimDesign is based in Montevideo, Uruguay. The information provided to us or collected through the Services may be transferred to and maintained on servers located in Uruguay, the U.S. or other countries. The laws, regulations and standards of the country in which this information is stored may differ from your own country. By using the Services, you consent to the collection, transfer, storage and processing of information in Uruguay, the U.S. and other potential countries.